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An Hard Daytona Supercross Grand Prix 2018

MUSQUIN fighting for the 1st and Jason ANDERSON at the last places

An exciting and hard race @ the Daytona circuit, designed by The Goat ( Ricky Carmichael).

The 450SX main event starts with Jason ANDERSON at the last places and MUSQUIN fighting for the 1st.

It lasts 15 minutes and MUSQUIN gets the 1st, Anderson falls down losing the little advatage he took. 

MUSQUIN is fighting for his place but he makes a mistake after a jump falling to the 4th position. One more error takes him to the 8th place. ANDERSON is fighting to gain positions and important points.

The Grand prix ends with MUSQUIN at 5th place and ANDERSON 9th.

Not the best Grand Prix but our riders are fighting hard to gain important points and be sure to stay at the top!!

Go #AirohTeam! 



Redazione Airoh
Author Redazione Airoh
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