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Category: Corporate News

Corporate News

Corporate News

Eicma-2017 (33)

Airoh Helmet is the official sponsor of CIV 2018

On the one hand, Airoh Helmet, with its twenty-year history full of technology, innovation, progress and many successes, and on the other FMI, the Italian Motorcycle Federation,  which has always


Executive: the ONE that fits ALL

Executive can transform into a jet and a full-face, depending on your needs, thanks to the P/J double homologation, which offers safety without compromise.While the chin guard of all the other

C.S. Progetto ON-ROAD ACADEMY 1 Anteprima

On-road Academy

Airoh, bergamask company leader in the production of the On and Off Road helmets, launches the project "On-road Academy" for young road race riders. Working with professionals of proven

Phantom-PJ Homologation

Discover the helmets' double homologation

/P and /P-J are very important marks to understand if we can travel with our flip-up modular helmet in open or closed configuration. These marks can be found on the approval label located on the


How to read the motorcycle helmet homologation

The helmet is a safety device and for this reason the helmet user must be informed about the strict homologation standards. Knowing your helmet is important: the label, that you found sewn on each

Graham.jarvis rockstar energy husqvarna racing 2016

Face to Face with Graham Jarvis

Face to Face with the king of Enduro Extreme! Graham Jarvis – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing The English rider is the benchmark in enduro and he has become an example for many young

marco fioletti - trial

The Trial World Champion (125) joins Airoh Crew

Marco Fioletti, the new Trial World Champion, will race through out the season with Airoh helmet. The young rider chose TRR, the top trial helmet realized in Carbon fiber and available in two outer

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