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Graham Jarvis wins the Michelin Tough One Extreme Enduro 2018

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing undisputed star wins his 5th Hard Enduro in UK

January, 28th 2018 - Nantmawr Quarry, UK - Fighting his way through a challenging two-and-a-half-hour race, Graham Jarvis collected his 5th Pro victory at The Michelin Tough One in his motherland. 

Following his latest great results, he was of course a hot favorite to top the podium: as a matter of fact, he needed little time to place at the front of the field with an outstanding 8-minute winning advantage over the other riders.

Jarvis spent the first two laps of the race battling his way into the lead: once there, he set a rythm no one else could keep up with. With a huge advantage over Teasdale, after 1 hour of racing Jarvis showed his master skills of the slippery conditions and went further ahead. Even though he decided not to stop to refuel, Jarvis kept his pace pretty high during the last 60 minutes to finish the competition as one out of just three riders to finish 11 laps, earning his well-deserved 5th Tough One victory.

Graham Jarvis: “It’s always nice to get a win at The Tough One. But it’s always difficult here, and this year it was really slippery. But I felt good and the little 250cc four-stroke was great. I had a steady start, as I always do, and just built my speed as the laps went by. I found some good lines and kept pushing. I didn’t need to stop for fuel so the two-and-a-half hours with no break was tough. But once I got into the lead it all went well. I relaxed and just rode my own race. Everything went to plan really, another good Tough One for me.”

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