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Great results in the Airoh on road week end of race

Our Airoh on road riders gets the podium in CIV and CEV

A great weekend of race @ the CIV of Misano Adriatico

Supersport 300 Class:

Always leaving us breathless our airoh champions get important results in the last week end.

Race 1: Manuel SABATUCCI gets the 3rd position on the podium and Kevin BASTIANELLI on the top.

Race 2: Luna BAYEN gets the 2nd place on the podium then Kevin SABATUCCI gets the 3rd.

Not so lucky for GIANNINI and FACCO.

Race 1: GIANNINI gets the 11th place and FACCO the 5th.

Race 2: GIANNINI falls down during the last lap and FACCO start in Pole position but gets only the 7th place.



Our Airoh rider Davide CANGELOSI gets 7th in race 1 and 10th in race 2 in the class 150 4t.

In the 125 2t class our Airoh rider Filippo BIANCHI gets the 1st place in race 1 and the 2nd place in race 2.


A fantastic david ALONSO @ the CEV of Albacete

David ALONSO, one of our young riders gets the 1st place in race 1 and race 2.

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