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Musquin gets his 2 win in a row at the redbud of Buchanan

A great race for our airohriders and Musquin at the top of the championship classification

July, 7 - BUCHANAN, Mich. Our Airohriders are here to fight in the 7th round of the Lucas Oil Ama Motocross. Here how and explain their races:


"Class 250:


Michael Mosiman was mid-pack at the start of the first 250 moto and was riding in 14th by the second lap. He charged his way to 11th by the fifth lap, then continued to push as he made his way into the top-10 with eight minutes remaining. He held his ground and finished ninth despite going down twice in the race. He got a great start in the second moto and came out of the first lap in fourth. He was shuffled back to 12th then made one more pass to finish just outside the top-10 in 11th. He went 9-11 for eighth overall on the day.


"RedBud is in the books," said Mosiman. "There's definitely some positives to take away, but a lot of mistakes were made. My speed was good, but I need to be up there mixing it up with those guys. I got a good start in the second moto, but went down twice. I got ninth in the first moto, but crashed twice there, too. I'm going to keep striving and will enjoy the weekend off."


Class 450:


Marvin Musquin posted the third-fastest qualifying time of the day, and had the opportunity to take control of the 450 points lead and the coveted red plate. He lined up for the first 450 moto looking for a holeshot but got caught up in a first-turn pileup. He remounted in the back of the pack and charged through the traffic. He pushed his way to 12th by the third lap then closed a ton of ground to make it up to fifth around the halfway mark. He blew past Benny Bloss for third with three laps to go then finished his impressive moto with one more pass for second.


He was fourth at the start of the second moto and immediately went to battle as he overtook the lead before the end of the first lap. He had a strong ride and held his ground as he was being challenged for position the remainder of the race. Never letting up, he fully redeemed himself from his first-moto crash and put on an amazing ride to charge to his second consecutive overall victory and take over the series points lead. He will run the red plate at the next race.


Musquin: “I can't believe I came back to second place in the first moto. It was a crazy race, so having a shot of winning the overall after that was great. I was looking forward to the second moto. I got a great start and was able to get into the lead. My goal was to stay consistent and mistake-free. I was able to stay on two wheels and keep Kenny and Barcia behind me. It's crazy to be leading the championship now. Anything can happen. It's only another race, and there's a lot to go. The fans were unbelievable here. I really enjoyed it. Having the second win in a row is amazing.""


Go #Airohchampions!

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