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News about about last weekend from the Biskaia Arena!

An incredible match and a surprising victory @ the Superenduro Championship


An Exciting match the 3th March at the Biskaia Arena, Bilbao (Spain) for the last Superenduro Grand Prix. tells us the main events: “The first race, which was led early on by Colton HAAKER (USA - Husqvarna), was eventually won by Cody WEBB (USA - KTM), who pulled out a huge gap at the front, and took advantage of an error from HAAKER, as well as putting distance between himself, Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL - KTM) and Jonny WALKER (GB - KTM)WEBB’s rivals had no answer for his strong pace. 


The second race started with drama - there was a bottleneck on the first corner and many riders were held up. BLAZUSIAK took the lead over WALKER, but the KTM pair were closely followed by their team-mate, Cody WEBB. The American wore down his combatants and moved into top spot. The final lap became very tense, and left onlookers in suspense, as Taddy edged ever closer to Cody. The Pole pushed hard in the closing moments, and finished mere meters behind a victorious WEBB
The third and final race was extremely exciting, BLAZUSIAK got off to a good start, and behind him WEBB and WALKER were struggling against the risky rock garden. WEBB then opened the gas to try to recover the time he’d lost, but several mistakes and a couple of big crashes prevented him from reaping any rewards in the race.
And so it was that Taddy BLAZUSIAK not only took the race win thanks to his incredible performance - but also the overall GP of Euskadi victory, to the surprise of many! The Pole said he hadn’t felt like himself all night, but in the end his determination and experience saw him top the leaderboard on the night.”

Finally, this are the final results:

“Heat 1: 1. Cody WEBB; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK;3 . Jonny WALKER;  4. Billy BOLT ; 5. Colton HAAKER; 6. Manuel LETTENBICHLER;  Alfredo GOMEZ; 7. Paul TARRES; 8. Blake GUTZEIT; 9. Diogo VIEIRA ; 10. Joan Pau SEGURA…

Heat 2: 1. Cody WEBB; 2. Taddy BLAZUSIAK; 3. Jonny WALKER; 4. Billy BOLT ; 5. Manuel LETTENBICHLER; 6. Colton HAAKER; 7. Blake GUTZEIT; 8. Diogo VIEIRA; 9. Joan Pau SEGURA; 10 Benjamin HERRERA.…

Heat 3: 1. Taddy BLAZUSIAK; 2. Billy BOLT ; 3. Jonny WALKER ; 4. Manuel LETTENBICHLER; 5. Colton HAAKER; 6. Blake GUTZEIT; 7. Benjamin HERRERA; 8. Cody WEBB; 9. Benjamin HERRERA; 10. Xavi Leon Sole…”

Congrats to our riders Taddy BLAZUSIAK for his 1st place after a 2-2-1 and Billy BOLT for a great 4th place!

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