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Airoh production steps

Each Airoh motorcycle helmet, before taking shape and becoming a reality, is thought about in detail by industrial designers and is widely studied by engineers in the design and material selection phases.

There are 5 steps that accompany the “creation” of the helmet:

step 1
Engineering and wind tunnel

The helmet is virtually reproduced in all its parts by a mathematical model and verified, simulating all the interactions among the various components. In this phase FEM technology is used which enables testing the ability to absorb impact.

The tests in the wind tunnel evaluate the aerodynamics of the product in order to reach the highest level of internal ventilation and ergonomics.

step 2

1) The outer shells are made from composite fibres (such as aramid fibres and 100% Carbon Kevlar) in a meticulous process: industrialisation makes room for craftsmanship that involves layering everything manually, thus ensuring an exceptional relationship between weight and durability.

2) The outer shells of Airoh helmets, in moulded thermoplastic, are made through a sophisticated melting process that sees the perfect combining of a set of polycarbonate polymers, thanks to the use of special injection moulds.

3) The inner shell in polystyrene, obtained by a steam moulding process at high temperatures, and the face shields, moulded and then treated with strictly non-scratch processes, complete the description of the main parts of an Airoh helmet.

step 3
Finishing and stitching

The outer shell is coated and treated with a UV filter in respect not only of the highest quality and aesthetic standards but also of the environment: sealing, strength and colour sheen are guaranteed over time thanks to the numerous stress tests carried out.

The outer shells with graphics are instead created thanks to the entirely manual application of decals, through a meticulous and careful process, able to give every Airoh helmet the unmistakable design that sets it apart.

The interiors made of the latest materials are tested in the most extreme environments, ensuring maximum breathability and comfort.

The stitching carried out by expert hands ensures a great comfort-fit demonstrating the great attention that Airoh always gives to quality.

step 4

In the assembly phase an accurate assembly of the various parts takes place, that makes up each Airoh helmet.

Before and during this process, carried out entirely by hand by skilled personnel, each component is meticulously checked and eventually discarded even in the presence of the slightest imperfection.

step 5

Research, development and safety are at the heart of every Airoh product.

Each helmet is subjected to numerous and accurate tests that can prove its consistency with the parameters set by national and international regulations, to ensure the utmost safety possible for our champions, that are also our passionate clients.