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Airoh Helmet is the official sponsor of CIV 2018

Airoh Helmet and the Italian Motorcycle Federation, a partnership that looks to the future

On the one hand, Airoh Helmet, with its twenty-year history full of technology, innovation, progress and many successes, and on the other FMI, the Italian Motorcycle Federation,  which has always carried ​​shared values such as tradition, sportiness and passion for the two wheels. Important Ideas, which are today the basis of the agreement signed between Bergamo-based company and the Federation, which will see Airoh as the official sponsor of CIV 2018, the Italian Speed ​​Championship, and partners in many other activities such as those related to the Talenti Azzurri Project or the Vintage. Airoh will be the official CIV 2018 Helmet, with which the champions will be awarded at the end of the season.


"Signing this agreement with the Italian Motorcycle Federation, especially during such an important milestone as is our twentieth anniversary, is something that fills me with happiness and pride," stated Antonio Locatelli, president and founder of the Bergamo-based company. “Being sponsor of CIV 2018 and FMI partner in many other upcoming projects, such as the one dedicated to the Talenti Azzurri, is an acknowledgment for all the work that we have been doing throughout these years, always being passionate, dedicated and persevering, and for this I want to thank President Copioli for the confidence he is giving us. Competitions are a major test ground and CIV, in Italy, is its utmost expression. Happy to be here!"


"I am very pleased to welcome Airoh into the FMI's large family - emphasized FMI President Giovanni Copioli. An Italian brand that has been able to build fame and prestige internationally in the competitions over the past 20 years, as well as in the products dedicated to the public at large. Having Airoh as the official sponsor of our Italian Speed ​​Championship is a further testimony of the importance of our Italian Championship and an incentive to grow further more. Together, we will build strategies and paths to support our young talents. With Airoh, therefore, not only a very important trade agreement, but a philosophy that will see us as protagonists in other areas of the Italian Motorcycle Federation. I want to thank the President Locatelli, and I am sure we will walk down a path of mutual satisfaction. "

Redazione Airoh
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