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Airoh Helmets® riders dominate the first race of italian Enduro

There could be no better season start for AIROH HELMETS® and its riders in Italian Enduro Championship 2019

At the first race of the highest Italian specialty, that took place on Saturday the 2nd of March and on Sunday the 3rd of March, on the Apennines of Central Italy, on the border between Abruzzo and Lazio, in the little village Gioia dei Marsi (AQ), the Italian Enduro Champion of 2018, Steve Holcombe (Beta), conquered a new authoritative victory. 
Through a magical second position, obtained on Saturday and a crucial win on Sunday, the English rider of Beta got on the first place of podium, on this opening round. 
After the success with the English of Beta, AIROH HELMETS® dominated the podium of 250 4T class too, won by the young Matteo Cavallo (Sherco-CH Racing) on Saturday and Davide Guarneri (Honda-RedMoto Lunigiana Team) on Sunday, third and second. Two fourth positions, a short step from the podium, for Rudy Moroni (KTM-Farioli).
In Youth class, two excellent second places for the young Manolo Morettini (KTM-Farioli).
Next agonistic meeting for enduro riders of AIROH HELMETS® is Germany GP, first race of World EnduroGP Championship, planned to be run in Dahlen on 22-23-24thof March.

For the Prize Airoh Cross Test the first race went to Loic Larrieu (TM 300 4T), while the second race that took place on Sunday saw the success of Giacomo Redondi (Husqvarna 450 4T)

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