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Airoh Helmets’ supremacy in the World EnduroGP Championship in Germany

First round of the 2019 EnduroGP World Championship with a splendid double victory by Steve Holcombe

The Grand Prix of Germany, first race of World EnduroGP Championship, opened the national season 2019 of AIROH HELMETS through the gorgeous double win of the English Steve Holcombe (Beta), the great dominator of the absolute classification of EnduroGP and E3 class. 
The “two-day race” of Germany GP was engaging, magnificent, demanding and rich in twists. Even 162 riders are registered for a 65 km track, on a pathway they have to ride three times per day in the forests around Dahlen, in the region of Saxony.
The German race was followed by a numerous public, that was not scared of the deep mud puddles and the paths among the trees. 
In this scenery of typical enduro, riders and teams that are supported by AIROH HELMETS were brilliant not only through Holcombe, but also got on the podium of all various classes. In E1 class Matteo Cavallo (Sherco) obtained a second and a fourth position in the class, and sixth and ninth position in EnduroGP. Again in E1, a podium for Thomas Oldrati too (Honda-RedMoto), twice third in the class through the ninth and eighth place in EnduroGP; while his team-mate Davide Guarneri was fourth and second in the class and ended up thirteenth and seventh in the absolute EnduroGP. Excellent top five, at the end, for Rudy Moroni (KTM-Farioli). 
In E2 class, the rider from Ajaccio Christophe Charlier (Honda-RedMoto) got the third and seventh position, as the Chilean Benjamin Herrera (Beta) twice ended fourth. 
Bittersweet race for the French Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) who was third on Saturday, but he was bound to withdrawal on Sunday.
In Junior class, very positive top five for Theo Espinasse (Sherco) with second and third place, as the British Jack Edmondson (Sherco) obtained fourth and fifth position. 
Absolute supremacy of AIROH HELMETS in Youth class, that is reserved for the youth “Under 21” with the little 125 2T bikes: the New Zealander Hamish Mcdonald (Sherco) won, as the rider from Bergamo Manolo Morettini (KTM-Farioli) was twice on ninth place. 

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