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Airoh Race Report - Basella Race 2017

Great weekend for Alfredo Gomez and Josep Garcia at Basella Race!

The young rider Airoh conquers the podium of Basella Race, ahead of Betriu and Mena. On Saturday to the Extrem Race Alfredo Gomez conquers the podium while the third place was awarded to Garcia.

This weekend there was the Basella Race with a total of 1.300 members.

The official KTM rider Josep Garcia was proclaimed absolute champion of Basella Race with a record time of 2 hours and 30 minutes after he struggled with Betriu and Mena. In the 2nd round Garcia rode fast, starting ahead of his rivals. In 4th place we found Santolino while Alfredo Gomez was placed fifth.

Saturday it was race the Extreme Race which this year it  was very difficult. The organizers have done a very technical course where many riders had problems.

Garcia won the second round and was placed in 4th position in the final ranking. During the final with the 40 best riders, Garcia has created a spectacular race finishing well in 3rd position, behind Gomez and Pol Terres, two experienced drivers of this type of racing.

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