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Antonio Cairoli Ottobiano 5
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Airoh Race Report - Internazionali d’Italia 2017, Ottobiano (PV)


Cairoli wins the Italian International ELITE and MX1 followed by  the Belgian rider Van Horebeek in both competitions. The young rider Jorge Prado was confirmed at the MX2 podium and Facchetti is the star and winner in 125.

Third and last round of the Motocross International of Italy played on the circuit of Ottobiano (PV) in the presence of a large audience that has defied the cold temperatures of the Pavia area. After the first two tests, rankings of the various categories were well defined but, as always happens in motocross, it’s the last checkered flag to sanction the winner. Stronger of the two victories conquered in the previous rounds, Antonio Cairoli (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) could play in saving and satisfied to qualify for the final "Elite" signs on to awards the overall victory but, as "script", Tony fell in track with the desire to excel and so it was. After conquering the second place in the MX1 race, with the title of the category already mathematically in his pockets before the start, TC222 has taken the lead of the fraction from the third step (Hole shot Prado riding the MX2) and drove all undisturbed the remaining laps, until to cross the finish line with a comfortable margin ahead of Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha Monster Energy). The Belgian, with the two results obtained in Ottobiano, deserved the second place behind Tony in both finals charts (MX1 - EliteAt the Ottobiano race there was also Jeffrey Herlings who, for the first time, has had to face in the race all those who will be his new opponents in MXGP 2017. The Dutchman's day began with a super pole position that alerted his opponents but unfortunately, the reigning world champion of MX2 stumbled into a mistake in the first laps of the Elite race which forced him to early withdrawal and abandonment of the competition in general. In MX2, the final victory went to Jorge Prado Garcia (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) that in Lombardy has tried not to make mistakes and to refine his preparation for the world championship in his class, which most likely will see him among the leaders. Prado took second place in the MX2 race, winning the title, and fifth in the Elite, the best result of a driver riding a 250. In the 125 Gianluca Facchetti (Maddii Racing) won the overall victory in the final classification of the championship thanks to two second places won in the race conquered in Ottobiano. On the final podium of the category it rose also Emilio Scuteri (KTM Celestini) that deserved the bronze medal. The Italian International 2017 ended with beautiful "triplets" Airoh which is confirmed at the summit of world motocross. A leadership that lasts a long time.

1-J.Van Horebeek 2-A.Cairoli 3-E.Bobryshev 4-T.Leok 5-V.Guillod

Results MX1 Championship:
1-A.Cairoli 340p. 2-J.Van Horebeek 320p. 3-E.Bobryshev 200p. 4-T.Gajser 196p. 5- T.Leok 165p.

1-A.Cairoli 2-J.Van Horebeek 3-J.Butron 4-R.Febvre 5-J.Prado

Results Elite Championship:
1-A.Cairoli 240p. 2-J.Van Horebeek 200p. 3-R.Febvre 145p. 4-T.Gajser 140p. 5-J.Butron 130p.

1-M. Cervellin 2-J. Prado 3-S. Bernardini 4-C. Vlaanderen 5-G. Tropepe

Results MX2 Championship:
1-J. Prado 300 p. 2-Cervellin, 280 p. 3-Bogers165 p. 4-Bernardini 159 p. 5-Paturel 155 p.

Results 125 Championship:
1- G.Facchetti


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