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evidenza St701
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Airoh ST 701 Full Face Helmet

Discover the brand new full face helmet ST 701

ST 701 is the new full-face helmet designed in two different shell sizes and created for use as a touring and sports helmet at the same time.

The outer shell, which is made up of a multi-axial system and the use of Carbon Fiber, making it very light-weight, places the ST 701 as one of the lightest helmets of its category; even the EPS inner shell has been subjected to intense studies with the use of 4 different densities that therefore guarantee the highest safety standards.

The evolved aerodynamics, a powerful internal ventilation system, the extra-wide visor with wide field of vision, the particular position of the visor that prevents internal fogging, the retractable sun visor and the included Pinlock® Original lens are just some of the technical specifications that make this new product complete in its contents giving it a strong character.

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