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Aleix Saumell, leader in the Spanish Enduro Children's Cup

Last Sunday, April 7, the Spanish Enduro Children's Cup started at the facilities of La Pesquera Offroad (Cuenca). 

The heavy rains of recent days left a lot of muddy terrain and quite slippery because of the clay soil of the area, which meant that the organization was forced to modify part of the route, keeping the layout planned in the two special tests and increasing it to 5 laps (instead of the 4 planned ones) for the 85 and 125 cc categories; what left as a result a total of 10 special timed; worthy of the best tests of a Championship of Spain. 

The race started on a cold day and although there was no rain, in the more technical areas of the stages the difficulty increased due to the puddles and the lack of ground grip.

Aleix Saumell came out very strong and despite a fall in the first stage, he got the second fastest time in his class; difference that compensated in the first step for the timed section: consisting of a route of about 4km by forest trails, to end with a very technical climb; that Aleix faced with determination and would not pose any problem, marking differences with their rivals and going on to lead the test. 

The specials followed one another and the pilot of the Enduromagazine team improved his times again and again, extending his advantage lap by lap, while from behind they focused on the fight for the second and third places. 

Aleix arrived at the last special with a comfortable advantage that allowed him to face it without risks, but again he lowered his own times and got his best lap, rising with the victory of the 85cc class and a very remarkable 5th position scratch (absolute), with times of the 125cc riders. 

With this result Saumell is the leader of the 85cc category of the Spanish Enduro Children's Cup and this same event, scoring for the Enduro Championship of the Valencian Community - Motodes, also regains the first place in the provisional classification.

Aleix will now have a few weeks to continue training and working to prepare for the next race of the Spanish Championship, which will be held on May 5 in Bassella (Lleida), which will surely also be a great appointment for the enduro.

Aleix Saumell: " It was a great race in every way, with many timed specials that opened the options to all the riders; there were fast zones and other more technical ones that made them fun and varied. I have enjoyed driving, almost without fail, applying myself to the maximum and with great confidence, improving my times on each pass ".

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