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0583 R11 Civ 2018
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CIV and CIV Junior 2018 Airohriders great protagonists

Summing up our airohchampions great result on road


57 podiums between 17 wins, 20 seconds and as many third places, Manuel Bastianelli, Filippo Bianchi and Alessio Salaroli respectively Italian Champions for what concerns the SSP300, PreMoto3 2t and the Minimoto OPEN B, Lorenzo Zanetti on the third step of the podium of the SBK: this the splendid balance of the CIV and CIV Junior 2018, the Italian Championship of which Airoh Helmet is the Official Sponsor

An incredible season that ended yesterday on the Roman track of Vallelunga, an important commitment that has brought great results.

Many guys on the track who brought the GP500 on the podium and above all, very young.

Not only Bastianelli, Bianchi and Salaroli but Kevin Sabatucci fighting for the title of the SSP300 until the end, Jacopo Facco, Marc Luna who won in the same class or Marco Carusi, Matteo Bertè rather than Gabriele Giannini, the many others who managed to climb on the podium.

And again Nikolas Manfurt, Davide Cangelosi, Edoardo Boggio and Cesare Tiezzi among the youngest.

Big and young champions grow up!

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