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Executive: the ONE that fits ALL

This Airoh product redesigned the features of a full-face modular helmet and enchanted the European press

Executive can transform into a jet and a full-face, depending on your needs, thanks to the P/J double homologation, which offers safety without compromise.

While the chin guard of all the other modular helmets has to be taken off and then put in your bag, with Executive you just need to press 2 side buttons to house the patented Chin bar (“CHS” Chin-Guard Holder System) right on the back of the shell. The retractable sun visor “works wonderfully, and it is extremely easy to use, even with gloves on”, while the visor flows effortlessly in eight positions, and can be controlled from the middle.

Executive has been tested for 3 whole months in several different weather and environmental conditions, and the results were outstanding: it fits very well, linings are extremely comfortable and the visor offers an exceptional view. Available from € 239,95, it represents an innovative variation in the modular/crossover helmets segment and stands out for its high comfort, great manufacturing details, good aerodynamics and its usability.

It earned International Dealer News, Tourenfahrer and Motorrad und Reisen vote of confidence and has been picked as the best modular helmet among all the ones tested.

Executive: the best companion for your journey, wherever it will take you.

Are you ready to be captivated?

Redazione Airoh
Author Redazione Airoh
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