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Graham.jarvis rockstar energy husqvarna racing 2016
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Face to Face with Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis presents its new Aviator 2.2

Face to Face with the king of Enduro Extreme! Graham Jarvis – Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing

The English rider is the benchmark in enduro and he has become an example for many young riders. Do not miss the chance to follow his social profiles. You will be shocked!

What do you like about your helmet?

The most important aspect of the Aviator 2.2 is the breathability. In Extreme events it gets really hot when we're in the knarly stuff so that it can a big difference.

Safety, design and comfort are key points of Airoh Helmet. What can you tell us about the brand new Aviator 2.2?

Aviator 2.2 gives me confidence knowing I've got the best head protection if something does go   wrong. The light weight helps reduce fatigue when we are riding up to 10 hours in one day. 

What are the graphics and styles that you love the most?

I love how the Rockstar logo's enhance the look of the Helmet?

You’re the “ King “ of enduro extreme race. How do you see the Enduro’s overview in the years to come ?

I see the Extreme enduro races being the most prestigious discipline in Off-road riding.The fact that the events are so varied and amateur riders can ride along side pro riders.The support of names such as Airoh and Rockstar are helping move the sport of Hard enduro to new heights . 

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