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How to read the motorcycle helmet homologation

Discover the helmets homologation label

The helmet is a safety device and for this reason the helmet user must be informed about the strict homologation standards. Knowing your helmet is important: the label, that you found sewn on each strap, can give us lots of useful information on the manufacture and features of the helmet for a proper use. The label is a real ID card and we recommend to not buy helmets unlabelled!

The Homologation of each helmet is granted only to helmets that respect the ECE 22-05 regulation and that they are considered safe and homologated for use in all U.E. The arrangement of the elements within the label can transform but it must definitely indicate a range of values.

Here is a brief focus:
E: indicates the European homologation . You can use the helmet in the European countries. 

3: indicates the country which realized the homologation. In this case Italy 

05: indicates the homologation ECE version. It can be 03 – 04 – 05.  The 05 indicates the version most recent

01245: indicates the homologation number

/P indicates the type of protection and it can be divided as follows:

1 /NP NO protective: helmets with removable or reclining chin guard. no protective

2 /J Jet o Demi jet Helmets without protective chin guard

3 /P modular/Crossover Helmets with  PROTECTIVE CHIN GUARD (it can be opened or closed indifferently)

4 /P-J modular/Crossover Helmets with  PROTECTIVE CHIN GUARD (it can be opened or closed indifferently)

. 123456 indicates the matriculation number or the progressive production number

Before buying a helmet, check always the presence and completeness of the homologation label. It's your helmet and your safety, pay always attention!




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