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International MX Italy 2019

Sinergy between Airoh Helmet and Off Road Proracing

Locatelli S.p.A. is delighted to announce a partnership with Off Road Proracing related to the first real important offroad 2019 event. The undisputed know-how about state-of-the-art helmet craftsmanship will blend with the impressive operating skills of the renowned Tuscan company to show off an outstanding performance. This event will take place through 3 dates starting from Riola Sardo (OR) on 27 January, then Ottobiano (PV) on February 3 to end up with the last game in Mantova on 10 February. So here we are in the MX 2019 run-up with our Airoh Riders!

Redazione Airoh
Author Redazione Airoh
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