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Riot: the brand new Cafè Racer Helmet from Airoh

Discover Riot the new Cafè Racer helmet

Cafè Racer style was born in United Kingdom, during the first half of the seventies, to indicate with disgust a group of motorbikers called rockers! The Rockers were a young and rebellious rock and roll counterculture  who wanted a fast, personalised and distinctive bike to travel between transport cafés along the newly built arterial motorways in and around British towns and cities. All motorbikes were customized and modified with only an aim: reach high speed and especially arise big notoriety. In addition to the bike even apparel and mostly helmets run over by this style.

Cafè Racer helmet becomes an object to show  and to customize with stunning graphics..

Riot cafè racer helmet is dedicated to the fans of this style. The shell, made with the new PRE-PREG fibre technology, enables the limiting of weight, ensuring the rider a safe and light ride and reducing fatigue and stress on the neck and shoulders. Riot is also equipped with an approved retractable sun visor, 50% tinted, offering maximum protection from the sun and some accessories can sold separately, such as the long face shield, which covers the face up to the chin, and the peak, applicable thanks to the three buttons on the front part of the shell. Utmost care has been taken within the inner lining, removable and washable, made from fabrics of the latest generation, highly breathable and antibacterial. Completing it all is the practical and manageable micrometre retention system. 

Are you ready to ride with your own custom motorbike and with your Cafè Racer Airoh helmet?

Discover the full Riot range!

Redazione Airoh
Author Redazione Airoh
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