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The Airohriders dominate at MXGP Pietramurata

This weekend took place the fourth Grand Prix of the 2019 Motocross World Championship at Pietramurata in Italy

MXGP: Second position for Antonio CAIROLI at Pietramurata and red plate.

Second position on the podium for Antonio CAIROLI, what a fantastic second race , fantastic  battle with Tim GASJER. He finish 2nd in the tow races. A strong grand prix for Alessandro LUPINO; 6th in race one and 10th in race two, 7in the overall grand prix of Pietramurata. Not the best week end for our riders Clément DESALLE and Jeremy VAN HOREBEEK, 18 in the overall Grand Prix for Clement DESALLE and 17th in the overall grand Prix for Jeremy with a dnf second race.

MX2: Grand Prix victory for Jorge PRADO – Airoh riders podium in MX2 Class!

Good week for Jorge Prado, he win the two races, 2nd place in the overall championship for the moment with 150 points. Second position in the overall grand prix for Jago GEERTS he made to solid races in Italy 2 and 2. 3rd position for our rookie Tom VIALLE, he finish 3rd in race one and 6th in race two. 4th position in the overall grand prix for Ben WATSON.

EMX250 :

5th position in the overall grand prix for our rider Rene HOFER, following by Kevin HORGMO 6th in the overall grand prix. 8th position in the overall grand prix for Ruben Fernandez, (7-7). 20th in the overall grand prix for Lion Florian. 21th in the overall grand prix for Rick Elzinga. 24th in the overall grand prix for Gianluca Facchetti.


10th position for Mike Gwerder in the overall grand prix. (8 – 11). 38th in the overall grand prix for Daniel Gimm. ( 30 – 38)

Mondiale Motocross at Pietramurata - Italia:

2. Tony Cairoli (KTM)

7. Alessandro Lupino (Kawasaki)

17. Jeremy Van Horebeek (Honda)

18. Clement Desalle (Kawasaki)


1. Jorge Prado (KTM)

2. Jago Geerts (Yamaha)

3. Tom Vialle (KTM)

4. Ben Watson (Yamaha)

25. Joakin Furbetta (Husqvarna)

32. Marcel Conijn (Kawasaki)


5. Rene Hofer (KTM)

6. Kevin Horgmo (KTM)

8. Ruben Fernandez (Yamaha)

20. Lion Florian (KTM)

21. Rick Elzinga (Yamaha)

24. Gianluca Facchetti (Yamaha)


6. Mike Gwerder (KTM)

38. Daniel Gimm (Yamaha)

Next Grand Prix on 12th of May for the 5th grand prix of the year in Italy at Mantova

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