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Facco Giannini
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The Airohriders Manuel Bastianelli and Filippo Bianchi are the new Italian champions of category

Well done Airohchampions, the season is ending and you get the top

Manuel Bastianelli and Filippo Bianchi are the new Italian Champions for what concerns the SSP300 and the PreMoto3 2t.

These verdicts at the end of the sixth and last round of the CIV 2019 disputed this weekend in Vallelunga.

Both authors of the pole position, as well as the other Airohrder Lorenzo Zanetti in the SBK, the two young riders managed the big advantage accumulated during the season but not only because Bianchi also took away the satisfaction of achieving a double podium with a second place and a victory on Sunday.

The weekend was also characterized by the beautiful victory in Race1 in the SSP300 by Jacopo Facco with Gabriele Giannini who rose on the third step of the podium, as well as the second place of Matteo Bertè always in the 300, in the race on Sunday.

Excellent season then for the Airohriders involved in the various national championships that bring home three national titles considering also the one won by Alessio Salaroli in Italian Minimoto OpenB and a third place with Lorenzo Zanetti in SBK.

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