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Customer Care Service

The Airoh After Sale Service is always next to you to help you solve any problem on our products.

Our After Sale’s philosophy has always been to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction by a quick solution of any technical problem and to respond to any needs.

Airoh, under the trust and preference given to our products, is committed to guarantee to any of our customers the best service ever, as quickly as possible.

In order to expedite the handling of your request, you are kindly asked to contact your nearest dealer directly.

Your dealer will be at your complete disposal for any information you may require regarding: pricing, product specifications, availability and warranty coverage.

To find the point of sale nearest you, please visit our dedicated web page, which includes a convenient search function. Nevertheless, we have also come up with a series of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in order to provide you with quick responses to the questions we receive most often.

If neither of these options (the dealer or the FAQs) are able to meet your requirements, please fill out the following form.

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Airoh is always ready to clarify to any doubts you may have.
The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here:

To clean the outer surface of the helmet, use a soft cloth with water and a small amount of mild soap (do not use synthetic products, chemicals or gasoline); allow it to dry in a well-ventilated area away from any heat sources. There are even specific products that can be utilized if your helmet requires a more thorough cleaning.

In order to clean the exterior visor and/or sun visor, use a cloth that's suitable for delicate surfaces (so as not to leave any scratches), and moisten it with warm water and a small amount of mild soap.

For a more thorough cleaning, remove the visor from the helmet (see the instruction booklet), immerse it in warm water and mild soap, and dry it with a clean cloth that's suitable for delicate surfaces.

The removable interior can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (max. 30°).

First, remove the interior parts (see the instruction booklet), taking care to make sure that the parts made from polystyrene do not come into contact with the water. 

Once the interior parts have been removed, if you decide to wash them by hand, use a multi-purpose microfibre cloth, passing it over the protection elements (disassembled) and inside the helmet with a sodium bicarbonate and water solution, then rinse the cloth several times and repeat the operation.

If you decide to wash them in the washing machine, on the other hand, this can be done in warm water (maximum 30°), using mild soap as a detergent.

Remember to let the interior parts dry outside, away from any direct heat sources (avoid hair-dryers or heaters), in a dry and well-ventilated location. After washing, in order to prevent the formation of mould and unpleasant odours, all the interior parts must be thoroughly dried before using the helmet again.

In order to offer effective protection, while at the same time ensuring maximum comfort, the helmet must adapt perfectly to the user.

It is therefore essential to choose the right size.

How is this done?

  • Measure the circumference of your head using a tape measure. The measurement should be taken about 2 cm above the eyebrows. The measurements must be taken around the largest part of the head, by placing the tape over the temple, around the back of the head, and then back to the front.
  • Once the measurement has been taken, check for the corresponding measurement on the size chart. The helmet must be chosen based on the size, and if the measurement falls between the intermediate dimensions, it is necessary to start from the smaller of the two.

Size chart

  • It is important to always keep the helmet clean. Damage to the outer surface, the paint and the interior padding due to neglect can compromise the safety level offered by your helmet.
  • Do not make any changes to the helmet. Any punctures in the outer shell could cause it to crack upon impact. Always use original Airoh spare parts in order to make sure your helmet is always in perfect condition.
  • Do not apply any paint, stickers, petrol and other chemical solvents.
  • Do not expose the helmet to temperatures greater than 50°; keep it away from heat sources like stoves, silencers, etc…
  • Store the helmet in a safe and dry place, check its adjustments periodically, and repeat them prior to use if necessary
  • The helmet is designed and manufactured to absorb the energy caused by impacts. After any accident or impact in which the helmet itself is involved, it is recommended to have it inspected by qualified personnel, and to replace it if necessary in order to ensure its continued safety.

The visor must always be clean and free of any scratches that could compromise its optical and mechanical properties. 

The noise level can be affected by many factors:

  • The helmet's position in the airflow
  • The rider's weight
  • The riding posture
  • The motorcycle's fairing
  • The anatomical shape of the wearer's body and head


It can be useful to change the position of the windscreen.

Contact your nearest Airoh® dealer.

Contact your nearest Airoh® dealer.

Certain Airoh® helmet models can be fitted with the Pinlock Original® lens, which is designed to prevent the outer visor from fogging up under particular weather conditions.

Contact your nearest Airoh® dealer.

Up-to-date user instructions can be downloaded from this website (, on the page dedicated to the model in question.

You can contact the retailer where you made your purchase or the Airoh® dealer nearest you.

Airoh® does not sell its products through its own e-commerce website and/or company store.

In order to find the helmet you're interested in, please visit your nearest Airoh® dealer.

Contact your nearest Airoh® dealer.

The Airoh® champions wear the exact same helmets as those sold on the market, with the exception of any personalizations made to the graphics.

Due to the technological processes involved, Airoh® does not manufacture custom-fit helmets. The Airoh® policy allows for the production of standard helmets that cover the greatest range of sizes, from XS (53-54) to XXL (63 cm). 

Airoh® does not recommend painting the helmet, as the solvents contained in untested paints can compromise the safety structure of the helmet and its components. It is also not recommended to apply adhesives to either the helmet or the visor, for the same reason. Painting the helmet or otherwise tampering with its components will immediately void the Airoh® product warranty.

Always wear your helmet with the strap fastened. In the event of an impact with the strap unfastened, the helmet itself could cause further injury.

Our range of helmets are available with both a Double D strap and a micrometric closure.

Since both solutions meet the safety requirements for type approval, the choice depends on the customer's preference.

The double D closure is typically preferred on helmets used for sports and racing purposes.

The micrometric closure, on the other hand, could be the right choice on a helmet for urban use, or even simply for comfort purposes.

Although the helmet does not have an expiry date, proper use and maintenance can have a major impact upon its duration.

However, it should be kept in mind that certain materials are subject to wear and/or degradation regardless of their mechanical characteristics. In order to ensure the best conditions for adequate protection, it is normally recommended to replace your helmet every five years.

It is recommended to carefully evaluate your helmet's condition, and whether it has also suffered damage to components that are not immediately visible, with particular regard to the strap, the outer shell, the inner polystyrene shell, and the wear status of the padding.

The user manual for the specific helmet models can be downloaded from our website (

The relative approvals are identified inside the individual products with the approval labels, which must never be removed. The labels can be found on the helmet's restraint system or padding, as well as on the visor, if present.

Please visit the Ministry of Transport's website for further information.

The /P and /P-J markings are extremely important for determining whether you can ride with your openable modular helmet in the open or closed configuration. These markings can be found on the approval label on the helmet's strap.

Flip-Up or Modular helmets can be approved in the integral versions alone ("P", meaning protective), or else can obtain double approval ("P/J", meaning protective/jet).

If the helmet is approved as an integral model only ("P"), it is not permitted to ride with the chin guard open.

Modular helmets are integral helmets with a chin guard that can be removed and, in some cases, hooked on the back of the shell for greater comfort and to expand the field of view.

The Flip-Up models are helmets in which the chin guard can be raised or tilted backward, while always remaining attached to the helmet.

If any defect covered by the limited warranty is detected within 2 years from the date of purchase, Airoh® shall repair or replace the defective product through its own distribution network, after the defect has been verified.

Airoh® shall supply all the material and labour deemed reasonably necessary to remedy the reported defect, unless the damage falls within the scope of the items listed in the section below titled "EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS OF COVERAGE".

This warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects.

Airoh® may not be held responsible for any product defects attributable to any other cause, whether in whole or in part, including (by way of example, without limitations):

  • damage caused by improper use, neglect and/or normal internal and external wear;
  • scratches, abrasions, paint chips, or other damage caused to the external painted parts of the helmet due to impacts;
  • scratches, abrasions, paint chips, or other damage caused to the helmet's visor due to impacts or lack of proper cleaning;
  • damage caused by the application of adhesives and/or glues;
  • damage resulting from accidents;
  • any changes or modifications made to the helmet by the user or by any third parties;
  • damage resulting from any kind of paint/varnish applied to the outer shell by the user or by any third parties;
  • colour changes or damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals;
  • colour changes or damage caused by exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources;
  • changes in the fluorescent colours used in the graphics on certain models as a result of direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight;
  • the use of incompatible accessories or other accessories not sold by Airoh®;

Other defects not covered by the warranty include various types of specific and subjective situations that may arise while actively using the helmet such as, for example, comfort issues while riding, or aerodynamic noises.

Airoh® may not be held responsible under any circumstances for accidental or consequential damages (including, without limitation, death and bodily injury) resulting from the failure to observe the requirements contained herein concerning the Airoh® products. 

Any claims under this warranty must be submitted by the customer directly to the retailer where the helmet was purchased, with the defective product and the relative receipt or purchase invoice being presented simultaneously.




This warranty is valid throughout Europe, and is the only warranty offered by Airoh® in connection with the sale of its products. It does not compromise the rights of the customer, as expressly provided by the regulations implementing European Directive 1999/44/EC.

The provision of services under warranty does not extend the duration of the warranty itself.

Therefore, in the event that the helmet or any of its components are replaced, the replaced product or component remains covered by the original warranty, whose expiry date is based the original helmet's purchase date.