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Adam Raga in TrialGP and Aniol Gelabert in Trial2 rule day two in Andorra

23 August 2021

Adam Raga was in control on day two and took his first win of the season as the 2021 Trial World Championship passed the halfway mark on day two of the Andorran TrialGP.

“I’m very happy because yesterday I deserved the victory,” said Raga. “Today I was very strong but so were some of the other riders and everything was very tight until the last moment.”


It was also all-change in Trial2 where Spain’s Aniol Gelabert finally broke the British stranglehold on the class to take victory from his compatriot Arnau Farré.

“It’s been very good and we were pushing for this result all day,” said Gelabert. “I’m really happy.”


Trial World Championship 2021, Round 3 – Andorra

Adam Raga (TRS)                       P2 | P1

Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco)              P9 | P7

Aniol Gelabert (Beta)                  P4 | P1

Jack Peace (Sherco)                   P2 | P3

Arnau Farré (Scorpa)                  P5 | P2

Sergio Ribau (Scorpa)                P6 | P13

Billy Green (Scorpa)                   P7 | DSQ

Alex Canales (Sherco)                P12| P10

Harry Turner (Scorpa)                 P3 | P3

Gaudi Vall (Sherco)                     P5 | P9


credits: Sherco Racing; Scorpa Racing and TRS Motorcycle

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