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Antonio Cairoli back to the race and took a good 2nd place in Mantova

10 February 2020

In Mantova, nine times World Champion Tony Cairoli competed for the first time since the Grand Prix of Latvia last July. #222 diced with world champion Tim Gajser in the MX1 moto in the Mantova sand and took a respectable 2nd place. Cairoli finished 3rd in the Supercampione race.

Michele Cervellin finished at the 9th place, immediately behind him there is Alessandro Lupino at the 10th place in MX1 class. In Supercampione race Lupino achieved the 5th place and Cervellin the 11th.

In MX2 class Ruben Fernandez earned a 6th place.

In 125 with a 2nd place, Pietro Razzini won the Internazionali d'Italia Series and Daniel Gimm finish in the 6th place.


Internazionali d'Italia Series - Mantova overall result


2. Antonio Cairoli (KTM)

9. Michele Cervellin (Yamaha)

10. Alessandro Lupino (Yamaha)


6. Ruben Fernandez (Yamaha)


2. Pietro Razzini (Husqvarna)

6. Daniel Gimm (Yamaha)