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Spanish TrialGP: Airohriders on the podium in every class

13 September 2021

Aniol Gelabert claimed a Trial2 win and Andrea Sofia Rabino extended her Trial2 Women lead.

Emma Bristow wins the race and takes the championship lead. There is only one point separating her from second-place finisher Laia Sanz. Everything will be decided during the last race of the season which will take place in Portugal next weekend.


Trial World Championship 2021, Round 5 – Pobladura de las Regueras (Spain)

Adam Raga (TRS)                       P2 | P3

Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco)              P6 | P9

TrialGP Women
Emma Bristow (Sherco)              P3 | P1

Aniol Gelabert (Beta)                  P1 | P7

Jack Peace (Sherco)                    P4 | P5

Billy Green (Scorpa)                   P10 | P8

Arnau Farré (Scorpa)                  P8 | P17

Alex Canales (Sherco)                P13 | P11

Sergio Ribau (Scorpa)                P14 | P21

Gaudi Vall (Sherco)                    P30 | P27

Trial2 Women
Andrea Sofia Rabino (Beta)          P2 | P1


credits: Sherco Racing; Scorpa Racing and TRS Motorcycle

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