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Twelfth win of 2019 for Jorge Prado in the Czech Republic

29 July 2019


After the double trip to Indonesia, the Motocross World Championship is back in Europe for the thirteenth round of the season.

5th in the overall for Jeremy Van Horebeek and 20th for Alessandro Lupino who is back on the race.


Another Grand Prix victory for Jorge Prado, perfect weekend wins both races. Prado has increased its lead in the MX2 classification: it is now ninety from the second.

5th in the overall Grand Prix for Jago Geerts (5-6)

9th in the overall Grand Prix for Kevin Horgmo our EMX rider for his experience in the MX2 class. (13-10)

12th in the overall Grand Prix for Rene Hofer our EMX rider for his experience in the MX2 class. (14-11)

Jorge Prado“I didn't feel so good in the first moto but was way-better in the second and it was a great weekend; winning both motos again and making that championship gap even bigger. Lommel next and it is a track that many people ride and I know it well. I won there last year and will be happy to go back.”


15th in the overall Grawnd Prix for Matteo Luigi Russi (DNS-7)

24th in the overall grand Prix for Jaka Peklaj (DNF-23)

35th for Ivano Van Erp ( 26-DNF)


25th in the overall Grand Prix for Niccolò Mannini (38-20)


Round 13 MXGP in Loket - Czech Republic


5. Jeremy Van Horebeek (Honda)

20. Alessandro Lupino (Kawasaki)


1. Jorge Prado (KTM)

5. Jago Geerts (Yamaha)

9. Kevin Horgmo (KTM)

12. Rene Hofer (KTM)

15. Tom Vialle (KTM)

32. Joakin Furbetta (Husqvarna)


15. Matteo Luigi Russi

24. Jaka Peklaj

35. Ivano Van Erp


25. Niccolò Mannini  


Next MXGP at Lommel for the Grand Prix of Belgium next weekend