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28 September 2020

Airoh unrivaled in the Grand Prix of Italy of EnduroGP in Spoleto

2020 Endurogp02 Spoleto Freeman

After the Grand Prix of France, World Enduro Championship moved to Italy, Spoleto (PG), for the second meeting in the season.

Also in the Italian competition, off road Airoh helmets proved to be the big protagonists and the safest, better and most winning choice of the riders, which allowed the firm of Bergamo to get on more prestigious podiums in the various classes and to take always the two first positions in the overall classification of EnduroGP, with the two Beta-Factory standard bearers, Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman. Third victory for Steve Holcombe (Beta-Factory) in EnduroGP and red tablet of leadership in the classification EnduroGP through the second position on Saturday and the third position on Sunday. Holcombe dominated the E2 class he’s leading with full score thanks to the double win in France GP and the double victory in Spoleto. Brad Freeman (Beta-Factory) obtained one win and a second position in EnduroGP and two first positions in E3 class, where he is always leading with full score.

In Spoleto, big glory, joy and satisfaction for the rider of Fiamme Oro from Bergamo, Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto), very good at standing out in the two days race of E1 class and obtained a third and fourth position in EnduroGP. Again in E1, fourth and third positions for the Dutch Antoine Magain (Sherco), as the English Alex Snow (Honda-RedMoto-Belloni) ended eighth and fourth.

In E2 class, Daniel Mccanney (Honda-RedMoto) ended third and fourth, Matteo Cavallo (Sherco) twice on fifth position.

In E3 class, the Spanish Jaume Betriu (KTM) got twice the second position, as his compatriot Enric Francisco (Sherco) ended seventh and third.

In the Enduro Junior classification, great leadership of Sherco riders of the team guided by Fabrizio Azzalin. On Saturday Theo Espinasse ruled before Hamish MacDonald. Third position for the Finn Roni Kytonen of the team guided by Matteo Boffelli (Honda-RedMoto). On Sunday, payback of MacDonald first, Espinasse third and Kytonen fifth.

The next agonistic meeting for Airohriders in Enduro will be the third race of Italian Enduro Championship, valid as fifth and sixth race day of the national season 2020, planned in Dario-Boario Terme in the weekend of 3-4 of October.

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