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Embrace the Airoh mood, wear the sweatshirt and t-shirt that our riders also wore, great champions like Cairoli, Prado, Holcombe, Garcia, Verona, Petrucci, Alonso, Herrera and many others.

Dress like the Airoh staff, wear a winter jacket or windbreaker to be perfect and warm in every season. Sweaters, t-shirts, down jackets, lightweight jackets, all our casual clothing is available in a wide variety of different sizes and even includes the large backpack and the practical helmet bag.

To have the right look in all seasons, when you are not wearing your helmet, you can choose the winter cap, the classic beanie, or the stylish cap with visor, all strictly black and branded Airoh.

Browse the catalog with our accessories collection for true passionate, keychains, umbrellas, pens and everything you could want. Join the Airoh Family.