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“Airoh was born out of the desire of making the quality, safety and innovation of a helmet designed for road and off road champions available to all lovers of two wheels”





Begin the journey of your dreams.


Antonio Locatelli must have thought this when he established the company bearing his surname in 1986.

For more than a decade, he refined his talent and skills to develop Locatelli S.p.a. and focused on manufacturing helmets for some well-known brands in the industry.

In 1997, having gained extensive know-how and in-depth awareness of the product and the market, he decided to launch the Airoh brand.

The mission is crystal clear: make the quality, safety and innovation of the helmets reserved for racers available to every motorcyclist.

Talent, passion, tenacity. Victory.

90 World titles

Airoh incessantly pursues excellence and does so leaving no stone unturned.

The light shining in the eyes of the most successful champion is the same as that in the eyes of youngsters making their first moves in the world of competitions.

Our Racing Unit, consisting of former riders and well-known on and off road industry experts, helps those with the same values achieve their dreams and ambitions.



The DNAiroh


pursuing excellence and transferring it to motorcyclists through a product that beats expectations.


daring to travel new roads to reach new milestones.


falling down means having a new opportunity to get up. Always.


our world, your world. On and off road, sand, snow and dirt. Ride among the elements.


Our way. Our product. Helmet.



The process behind developing a helmet is never ending for Airoh, always searching for excellence and constant improvement.

The helmet starts from an idea, through a 3D modelling process and the subsequent simulation of its ability to absorb impacts via the FEM (Finite Element Method) technique; the wind tunnel is used to test its aerodynamic effectiveness, ventilation and ergonomics.

Components then undergo the moulding phase, following different processes depending on the material used. In-depth know-how allows the most suitable procedure to be chosen for each compound. Steam moulding is the best way to create the polystyrene shells, while a special injection moulding is used to process the HRT (High Resistant Thermoplastic) with a sophisticated melting technique. Finally, noble composite fibres and 3K carbon are layered by hand, thus certifying the craftsmanship of a process where man counts more than a machine.

Painting and applying of UV Resistant decals, inserting hand-stitched inner-lining made of state-of-the-art materials enhance the product’s quality and appearance.

The human factor will always prevail at Airoh: along the assembly lines, highly qualified personnel constantly check quality during the assembly phases, intervening in order to regularly maintain the highest standards pursued by Airoh.

Machines instead take over when compliance with the safety parameters set by national and international regulations needs to be checked. The in-house Crash-Lab runs strict tests that brilliantly exceed the standards set by safety-related laws and certify the absolute excellence of each individual Airoh helmet.

Improving the best.

Helmet materials

Airoh Helmet ® takes the best and improves it further to create top-of-the-range materials in terms of resistance and lightness.

3K Full Carbon Fibre: pure carbon, a perfect mix of resistance and rigidity.

100% Carbon Kevlar Fibre: weaving together carbon fibre and Kevlar – the same material used for bullet-proof vests – with the Multiaxial technology, allows us to create helmets that are as resistant as they are light.

HPC (High Performance Composite): the combination of composite materials and glass with the prepreg technology allows us to achieve high performance products in terms of resistance and lightness.

HRT (High Resistant Thermoplastic): the thermoplastic resin, which is a combination of plastic polymers, guarantees high impact resistance with a limited weight.

Airoh Helmet®, H-Lab… Always Open.

Airoh racing

Unity is strength at the Airoh laboratory.

Riders, technicians, industry professionals, engineers and designers linked by passion and preparation combine their skills to create the best product.

A tireless search for constant improvement combines with the experience that Airoh draws from the racetracks, with the aim of having the same helmet shared between today’s and tomorrow’s champions and enthusiasts.



Rebuild the extraordinary.


Nothing is created or destroyed, rather everything is transformed.

When you want to pursue excellence, innovation is an endless route. In its desire to move forward, Airoh is aware that the only way to foresee the future is to create it.

For this reason, it has decided to integrate a wind tunnel in its Research & Development department, in order to directly study some fundamental aspects connected to the helmets’ aerodynamics and ventilation.

…If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favourable… (Lucio Seneca)


A constant drive, an endless flow. The wind, an immaterial, though real element, drives and supports dreams and concepts, to make projects and products excellent. Airoh is fully aware of the direction to take and for this reason got its own wind tunnel, which very few companies in the motorsport panorama can boast. Harnessing the wind and making it run along the road conceived by an incredible design. This allows the helmet’s aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance to be checked thoroughly. Research, technology, innovation and passion naturally meet to be used in a sophisticated system made to improve performance. The strategy that ignites our company is always the same, that is to say searching for continuous improvement. To get the best, we contacted the best. A pool of engineers, in synergy with our Research and Development department, worked for more than six months to create a revolutionary wind tunnel. Powered by subsonic, closed-cycle Gottingen technology,  and designed to be used both in open and closed test chambers according to the specific programs; the software, exclusively owned by Airoh, was developed on advanced algorithms able to take unique measurements. Specifically, the lateral movement and inclination of the dummy head is predicted through a remote-controlled computer, allowing for the analyses of the results by testing any type of scenario on and off road. The power harnessed in our wind tunnel simulates the most extreme conditions of use; with more than 200 km/h reached, it is possible to test the aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal levels in the helmet. The number of tests that can be performed is stunning; ranging from aerodynamic, static or in movement tests to displaying the flows, the side strength, acoustic and thermal measurements at different speed, all constantly monitored and subsequently processed with the most advanced computerised and 3D display analysis systems. Specifically, the tests also rely on the pressure sensors and two microphones assembled on the dummy head. The instruments actually analyse the noise caused by the air flow on the helmet’s surface and any possible turbulence generated. Measuring is divided into determination of the sound level (dBA), octave analysis and frequency. Special attention is paid to analysing the stagnation points, the separation lines and the transition boundary between the laminar and the turbulent layer; in this sense, special tracers are used at the solid and gas state, which are able to highlight the aerodynamic strength result. Thermodynamics is especially important for those helmets that are worn for several hours, with challenging temperatures, in very different scenarios. It is for this reason that the dummy head is able to constantly monitor the temperature on its surface; in this sense a 3D image is obtained where the different temperatures of the test are highlighted with various colours. Usually, in the first phase of the test, the head reaches an ideal temperature for benchmarking and appears red; while performing the test, areas subject to different temperatures are highlighted in different colours. This change is generated by the effectiveness of the air vents and the air extractors, which perform a fundamental role in ensuring optimal comfort. Meticulous attention to details, relentless and untiring search for the best performance and the desire to have motorcyclists wear the same product as the most successful champions, have pushed Airoh to obtain a truly unique wind tunnel. Only in this way can a helmet be given the AWT2 (Airoh Wind Tunnel Tested) title



AMS2 is the result of in-depth studies to determine the most frequent dynamics in accidents and, consequently, the characteristics of the collisions that a helmet has to absorb, to find the most suitable solution for a rider’s safety.

This state-of-the-art system aims to make the inner shell of the helmet even safer; it actually uses a pair of superimposed polystyrene hemispheres with differentiated density, separated by a unique system of silicone inserts.

The silicone elements allow the shell to move in case of angular collisions, so that it can follow the direction of the impact, considerably reducing the amount of energy transmitted directly to the head of the rider wearing the helmet.

AMS2 : safety squared




The first thing to do to avoid danger is not to get involved in the first place.

Easier said than done, but not in this case. Because Airoh has introduced the ASN System, a 3-D fabric structure designed to reduce the force transferred to the head on impact.

The ASN System’s 2 outer walls move relatively to each other, dissipating the energy generated by the impact more effectively. It also offers incredible ventilation, a crucial factor in more extreme riding conditions.



Hydra System feeds your endless thrillseeking.

Don’t get thrown by anything.

Keep the ride on.