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Airoh was born out of the desire of making the quality, protection and innovation of an helmet designed for road and off road champions available to all two wheels’ lovers.

Antonio Locatelli
Founder & CEO

Begin the journey of your dreamsBegin the journey of your dreamsBegin the journey of your dreamsBegin the journey of your dreams

These words are by Antonio Locatelli who, in 1997, with a great awareness and determination, founded the Airoh brand, literally Antonio Innovative Range Of Helmet.

The company’s mission has always been extremely clear, to create and produce high quality helmets synonymous that safety, design and performance, whose features, designed to satisfy the best riders, are available to every two wheels passionate that use them on asphalt, dirt, sand, snow, thought the waves and on any other viable area.

Over the years, the company’s DNA has transformed without ever forgetting its origins, its values and the great passion for the racing world, and not only for that, which has always allowed the conquest of incredible milestones, as the company’s palmares that, from 2005 to date, has reached an incredible number of world titles.



Our passion for racing has never been a secret, we have always exposed this part of our DNA. We have always believed in the power of dedication, in the strength of that light that shines in the eyes of young promises and great champions, of those who want to achieve their goal at any costs.

Our Racing Unit, made up of former riders and well-knows on and off-road industry experts, helps the realisation of a dream, of an ambition, of those who share our same values.

Ambition, Innovation, Resilience, On-Off, Heritage.

Ambition: the desire to always improve by constantly seeking for excellence, exceeding expectations and overcoming every single obstacle with strength and determination.

Innovation: dare and follow unexplored routes continuously looking for new challenges to face, new ways to expand and enrich our know-how.

Resilience: always get back in the saddle gritting the teeth without fear of getting the hands dirty.

On-Off: create and produce helmets designed to meet the needs of two-wheel lovers of any discipline or extraction, allowing them to fully enjoy their moment of peace and freedom.

Heritage: always looking ahead, never forgetting who we are and where we come from, is a mix of foresight and passion.

Excellence through competition.
A never-ending process.

The path that leads to the birth of a helmet is an endless process because the pursuit of excellence must be endless for those who, like us, always want to improve, without settling or compromising.

The helmet comes from an idea, it is figment of the imagination, like everything around us. A mental vision that then must be realized through drawings, 3D and physical models, up to a concrete sample which will be tested in every single part, to optimize its forms, to emphasize its performance.

Behind a finished helmet and the start of actual production there are multiple steps that involve various tests, many of which are completed with the help of our wind tunnel and certified internal test laboratory. These tools are also essential and useful for verifying full compliance with the safety parameters established and imposed by national and international regulations.

There are obviously also actual tests on the road and/or on track, carried out both by our riders and internal staff; since, at Airoh, we don't only provide our professional skills but also our experience as motorcyclists, as two-wheel lovers who are committed to creating something perfect and functional, which can really enhance the riding pleasure.

At the end of the product testing and control phase, can start a further step that provides for the creation of captivating graphics to allow each motorcyclist to choose the one he likes best or that best matches his equipment.

As regards the actual production, it is entrusted to the expert hands of the qualified and specialized staff who make up the various assembly and control lines. This reinforces how important is the so-called “human factor”, for us at Airoh, it is simply fundamental to increase the value of our helmets.

Therefore, maximum attention is paid to even the smallest and seemingly insignificant detail that, not only in the early steps, but also and above all during production and
after-sales assistance, to offer a complete an efficient service.

La macchina prende invece piede quando si tratta di verificare il rispetto dei parametri di sicurezza imposti dalle normative nazionali ed internazionali. Il Crash-Lab interno compie severi test che superano brillantemente gli standard delle leggi in materia di sicurezza e certificano l’assoluta eccellenza di ogni singolo casco Airoh.


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