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17 February 2021


Blog ECE 22 06 1000X700

For more than 18 years, the motorcycle’s helmet sector has been standardized by the ECE 22 05 homologation. From the 1st of January of 2021 the new amendment O6 of the regulation ECE/ONU 22 came into force with the aim of keeping up with the continuous and incessant innovations.

The new standards provide additional tests and requirements useful to check the behavior of helmets and its components in a wide variety of scenarios and situations, so it is much more completed than the previous one.

A major change introduced concerns the impact points tests, the old regulation was concentrated in 5 points, now there’re 12 extra points to analyze, making these tests more accurate than ever. Another great innovation is given by the linear impact tests that now have some extra variants to check.

There’re some additional integrations that worth to be underlined like the tests on the rotational acceleration, some specific checks on the chin guard for the modular helmets, some more stringent assessments on the retention systems and on the visors’ resistance, in which were added also some extra tests on the ability to obscure the sunlight and on the sun visors, which were not take in consideration in the previous regulation. There is only some great news introduced by the ECE 22 06 homologation that have the aim to predict as many situations to test as possible to increase the safety and the protection of the rider.