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9 October 2023


What a magical weekend in Portugal. Three AirohRiders on the top of the World

Steve Holcombe is an #AirohRider for many years, together we’ve faced a lot of challenges, we’ve overcome a lot of obstacles, we’ve had many adventures so rich in emotions.

With the 2023 season, Steve won his 8th and 9th World Titles, each of which conquered with the support of the #AirohFamily. Now we can say it, Steve Holcombe is the 2023 EnduroGP and E2 World Champion.

His teammate, Brad Freeman, has just conquered his 5th World Title as #AirohRider! An incredible season rich in twists and turns in which Brad has worked really hard and he has reached his goal. Brad Freeman is the 2023 E3 World Champion.

As regard the E1 class, we’re so proud of Josep Garcia who achieved this World Title. For Josep 2023 is a year so rich in great emotions and becoming the E1 World Champion is the cherry on top.

We couldn’t be prouder of you guys! We couldn’t be prouder of your determination, of your strength. Congratulations, you did it!

To celebrate these majestic milestones, we’ve created three special Aviator 3 with golden details, as real trophies to honor the 2023 World Champions!

Airoh palmares has now reached 136 World Titles!