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Aviator 3Aviator 3Aviator 3Aviator 3


Leave everyone behind. Again. The difficulty is not to win once, but to keep doing it.

Aviator 3 raises the level of competition and redefines the standards of an offroad helmet. The shell, available in the Carbon 3K version exclusively on the Carbon graphic, provides the noble HPC Carbon for the other graphics variants.

There are 4 measures of the outer shell in both versions, which was designed using the wind tunnel to engineer the best shapes and performance. Extreme attention was therefore paid to aerodynamics, with the aim of making the helmet stable even at high speeds, and to thermodynamics, to optimize thermoregulation.

Airoh's technological sum is condensed in this new product, in which the AMS2 Plus (Airoh Multiaction Safety System Plus), AEFR (Airoh Emergency Fast Release) and AMLS (Airoh Magnetic Lining System) systems are profuse, which evolves, also including the magnetic cheek pads.

The 8 air intakes and spoilers with integrated extractors make the fitting of Aviator 3 comfortable even in the most extreme conditions of use, as does the innovative AHS (Airoh Hydration System) integrated into the EPS.

Aviator 3. Unlimited.

MaterialHPC Carbon
Weight1330 g ±50 g

1° XS - S
2° M
3° L
4° XL - XXL

Aviator Ace 2Aviator Ace 2Aviator Ace 2Aviator Ace 2


Aviator ACE 2 is really your ace in the hole, the tool that will allow you to fully enjoy your own moment of freedom, without compromise of any kind.

Its renewed look and captivating graphics combine perfectly with the double Composite Carbon shell that comes complete with the ASN and AEFR technologies, as well as an innovative ventilation system that will allow you to be simply unstoppable.

The Aviator ACE 2 is the helmet for true two-wheel lovers, created by experienced motorcyclists to be a faithful companion for every kind of adventure, in any condition of use. In addition to all its innovative features, it is also Bluetooth Ready, it is perfect for special occasions as well as for everyday use.

MaterialComposite Carbon
Weight1250 g ±50 g

1° XS - S - M

2° L - XL

Twist 3Twist 3Twist 3Twist 3


Twist 3 is the ideal tool to be able to deal with any twist with dexterity and ease.

Double HRT shell with an optimized ventilation system in the wind tunnel to allow a comfortable use even in the most demanding conditions.

Its look has been completely revised and renewed not only on an aesthetic level, but also on a functional and technological points of view. The bold and aggressive lines combine perfectly with the ASN and AEFR systems, as well as the predisposition for the insertion of Bluetooth communication systems, fundamental features that can make you even more unstoppable.

All you have to do is fasten the DD Ring and fully enjoy your next adventure.

MaterialThermoplastic HRT
Weight1330 g ±50 g

1° XS- S - M

2° L- XL- XXL