On-off Touring, also known as Adventure or Dual Helmet, are the most versatile helmets in circulation. These products, ECE 2206 approved, are able to transform their nature to adapt to any context and need, whether it is a trip out of town, the daily routine or real adventure on two wheels, all without ever compromising the most important aspect, the rider safety.

Commander 2Commander 2Commander 2Commander 2


Take the lead, choose and follow your path, Commander 2 will be the perfect partner, always ready and responsive to break down any obstacle in your way.

Commander has been a Airoh best-seller, the helmet for true adventure and moto touring lovers that can be used in 3 different versions, to be always impeccable. This new upgrade completely rewrites the rules of the game!

Three different shells and a wide variety of different sizes available to emphasize a comfortable fit, available in carbon (Full Carbon 6K) or in carbon fiber (Composite Carbon), with a sophisticated ventilation system engineered and optimized directly inside the wind tunnel.

Among the Commander 2's major innovations are the ASN and AEFR systems to further increase the safety of the rider, who can now enjoy his journey in complete freedom, without losing even the smallest detail.

This is also thanks to the incredible visor that allows an Extra Wide vision and it is completed with the A3S (Airoh Automatic Antifog System) and lock systems. In addition to all of this, there is an exceptional equipment available inside the box that also includes the Pinlock® 120 XLT Max Vision lens, to exponentially increase riding pleasure without ever losing sight of the style.

This helmet has an unmistakable design enriched by captivating graphics able to satisfy all tastes.

MaterialComposite Carbon
Weight1440 g ±50 g

1° | XS – S

2° | M – L

3° | XL – XXL – XXXL