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Determined, aggressive, self-confident. The new Matryx is the ideal travel companion to face any adventure, even the most demanding.

Its state-of-the-art ventilation system, designed inside the wind tunnel, enhances driving pleasure and, thanks to the large visor equipped with the innovative A3S (Airoh Automatic AntiFog System), combined with the central visor locking system, you will be able to have maximum control over every detail, without ever compromising on safety.

Choose your route, overcome your limits, bravely face the most beautiful journey of your life.

MaterialComposite Carbon
Weight1500 g ±50 g

1° XS - S - M

2° L- XL - XXL

Spark 2Spark 2Spark 2Spark 2


Spark 2, the perfect mix of style, performance and comfort, able to ignite your passion.

Two different shells in HRT with a bold and well-defined design that perfectly integrates the innovative ventilation system engineered inside the wind tunnel, to optimize shapes and performance. In order to not miss any detail of your adventure, the visor offers an extra wide vision and minimizes the risk of fogging thanks to the anti-fog position and the Pinlock 70 lens, included in the box.

Spark 2 does not compromise even when it comes to safety and comfort in fact, it boasts the ASN and AEFR systems and inner linings made with innovative fabrics and treatments that enlace the fitting comfort to make you feel totally at ease, free to fully enjoy any journey, even the way you travel daily.

MaterialThermoplastic HRT
Weight1590 g ±50 g

1° | XS – S – M

2° | L – XL – XXL



Modeled taking inspiration from the wind, Connor will be able to accompany you to any place you need or want to reach.

Sharp lines, captivating graphics and race-oriented equipment make it the must-have of the season.

The three different shells, an innovative ventilation system, designed inside the wind tunnel, emphasize the rider’s comfort leaving him free to be guided by the wind and fully enjoy the journey.

MaterialThermoplastic HRT
Weight1450 g ±50 g

1° XS - S

2° M

3° L - XL - XXL