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J 110J 110J 110J 110


Design with a captivating and absolutely unmistakable style, this helmet ignites your desire to ride by making your adventurous and explorer spirit shine.

Versatile and ready for anything, J110 is devised for those who don’t want to settle with a standard product, it is perfect for those who do not want to compromise, especially in terms of performance, and for those who want to feel free to enjoy any journey.

Two different Composite Carbon shell sizes, optimized inside the wind tunnel, able to adapt to different cranial conformities without ever losing sight of aerodynamic, aesthetics of shapes and the fitting comfort emphasized by the innovative materials and treatments with which the inner linings were made.

Aggressive lines, with a vaguely vintage and refined style, are completed with brilliant graphics and colors aimed at satisfying even the most demanding bikers.

MaterialComposite Carbon
Weight1070 g ±50 g

1° XS - S - M
2° L - XL - XXL



Airoh’s new tech-jet represents the evolution of the open helmet, with high-level features that make it suitable to meet the needs of the most demanding users in terms of comfort and style.

Available in 3 different sizes in terms of outer shell, Helios is able to perfectly fit everyone and its features include an integrated Sun Screen Visor, Bluetooth-Ready, adjustable micrometric buckle, fully removable and washable hypoallergenic inner-lining, with contrast stitching, air ventilation and extraction system with a carbon-look finish.

The innovative Custom kit included in the package lets you use Helios without visor, for a modern classic look.

MaterialThermoplastic HRT
Weight1250 g ±50 g

1° XS-S-MS
2° MC-L