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Rebuild the extraordinary

The meticulous attention to every detail, the obsessive and relentless search for the best solution, the will to encourage passion.

The indestructible strength of good teamwork. The undeniable power of the #AirohFamily

Riders, technicians, professionals, engineers and designers united by passion and preparation combine their skills to create the best product.

The inexhaustible search for continuous improvement is mixed with the experience that Airoh draws heavily from the race fields with the aim of sharing to the champions, of the presente and of the future, and passionate the same helmet.


We're among the few to boast the presence of a wind tunnel inside the factory, the only ones to have it with some special features, specially designed to test helmets. It represents a fundamental area to optimize and improve the performance of products, allowing us to develop our helmets by improving many aspects, and helping us to test three key aspects as: thermoregulation, aerodynamics and acoustic. These three key points are tested during the design and production steps, to promptly intervene by implementing improvements to optimize the product and its components, like peaks and spoilers, for example, allowing the rider who will fit it to enjoy every adventure, in complete comfort.

Close-up of a black GP 550 S helmet on false head in Airoh wind tunnel machine



Technological development is an unstoppable force, as well as the ambition that spurred Airoh to introduce systems even more performing, like the new AMS² Plus system which has safety and comfort parameters at the highest level. For the first time a new material has been introduced, it is the heart of the system, it is able to dissipate kinetic energy in case of impact.

State-of-the-art plastic material, engineered to create the best defense against the forces involving the head, in case of impact. The material, in contact with the head, has memory form guaranteeing a superlative fit and improving comfort. The system, composed by two overlapping shells, with differentiated densities, has a further upgrade with the renewed design of silicone polymers, which ensures relative motion between two hemispheres.

This improvement makes the response to stresses even more effective in case of angular impact, and the resulting capacity of the AMS² Plus system to dissipate the quantity of energy transmitted to the rider’s head.

Demonstration of AMS² PLUS technology with the Aviator 3 helmet shell with overlapping shells visible
AMS² technology represented with a transparency shell of the Aviator 3 helmet with the grey inner shell inside



AMS² is the result of in-depth studies to determine the most frequent dynamics in accidents and, consequently, the characteristics of the collisions that a helmet has to absorb, to find the most suitable solution for a rider’s safety.

This state-of-the-art system aims to make the inner shell of the helmet even safer; it actually uses a pair of superimposed polystyrene hemispheres with differentiated density, separated by a unique system of silicone inserts. The silicone elements allow the shell to move in case of angular collisions, so that it can follow the direction of the impact, considerably reducing the amount of energy transmitted directly to the head of the rider wearing the helmet.



The first thing to do to avoid danger is not to get involved in the first place. Easier said than done, but not in this case. Because Airoh has introduced the ASN System, a 3-D fabric structure designed to reduce the force transferred to the head on impact.

The ASN System’s 2 outer walls move relatively to each other, dissipating the energy generated by the impact more effectively. It also offers incredible ventilation, a crucial factor in more extreme riding conditions.

Close-up of a helmet showing the inside of the helmet with evidence of ASN technology indicated by two yellow stripes
Image split in two, with yellow ASN System Technology stripe on top and 3D fabric structure underneath
Close-up of the Aviator 3 helmet with blue highlighted interiors with magnets for an easy and quick removal



Airoh has taken the inner lining disassembly concept to an higher level with its AMLS (Airoh Magnetic Lining System).

The crow padding has five strong magnets (three on the front and two at the rear), each cheek pads owns three; allows to easy remove inner lining for washing, providing also stability and comfort in every conditions of use.



The Airoh system which allows a quick removal of the cheek pads in emergency situations. A red strap on the lower partof the cheek pad allows the medical staff to remove them with the helmet still on.

This allows the rescuers to safely free – incase of accident - the motorcyclist’s head from the helmet without causing any further trauma, injury or damage

A close-up drawing of a transparent on-road motorcycle helmet with a hand pointing to a red tab on the cheek pad
close-up of an on-road helmet drawn in transparency with a hand grasping the red tab to pull out the cheek pad