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How to read the homologation of a helmet?

An interesting subject!

Firstly, NEVER buy or wear a helmet without type-approval labels!

It is obvious that a helmet without any certification is not approved to be used on the road and therefore might not be suitable to protect your head in case of accident!

So let’s delve into details, because knowing your helmet is important! The above-mentioned label is sown on each Airoh strap and gives you very useful information on its manufacture!

It truly works like an ID card and we advise you not to buy helmets without a label!

The homologation of each helmet is only granted to helmets that meet ECE 22-05 and ECE 22-06 standard and that are therefore considered safe and approved for use throughout the E.U.

The way elements are arranged in the label may vary but it must absolutely indicate a series of values.

In short:

E: it means European approval. Therefore the helmet may be used in E.U. countries.

3: it indicates the country where the approval was granted. In this case, Italy

05: it indicates the version of ECE homologation. It may be 03 – 04 – 05 - 06. Version 06 is the latest

01245: it indicates the homologation number

/P: it indicates the type of protection and it may be sub-divided as so:

1/NP - Not Protective: helmets fitted with removable or reclining chin guard. Non protective

2/J - Jet or Demi Jet Helmet Without chin guard

3/P - Modular/Crossover helmets with PROTECTIVE CHIN GUARD to be always closed when in use

4/P-J - Modular/Crossover helmets with PROTECTIVE CHIN GUARD which may be either closed or open when in use

123456: it indicates the serial or production number of the helmet

Before buying a helmet, always check the type-approval label is there and if it’s complete. It is your helmet and your safety, and worth taking seriously!