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How to wash the Removable Inner-lining?

After dealing with the outer part, let’s focus on the inside of the helmet! The lining that comes into contact with your head is actually completely removable and washable, even in the washing machine. In this case, do not exceed 30° to avoid ruining the plastic parts sewed to the fabric. How to proceed

First of all, carefully remove the liner and the cheek pads from the inner shell. If in doubt, check the instruction manual or the airoh.com website. At this point you have two options: hand washing or machine washing! In the former case you can dampen a microfibre cloth with a solution of water and baking soda (universal remedy!), and use it to wipe the dismantled parts several times to clean them thoroughly.

For an even more effective cleaning, you may wish to also wipe the internal parts of the helmet in the areas that were previously covered by the inner-lining. It is important for the parts made of polystyrene not to come into direct contact with water since the material is waterproof but also breathable, and thus permeable to water vapour. Instead, if you opt for machine washing, remember to avoid aggressive products and only use mild detergents and do not exceed 30°. After carefully washing the inner-lining, drying it is just as important. Here’s how:

Let’s start by saying what to avoid! Avoid any direct heat sources. So no radiators, stoves, hairdriers, etc. Place the inner-lining in a ventilated and dry place and wait for it to be completely damp-free.

This step is crucial, even if it’s often underestimated. Even when you wash everything perfectly, you risk creating the ideal environment for mould and unpleasant smells to develop, if you do not dry the various parts correctly.