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How to keep your helmet always effective

First of all by cleaning it! Our trusty friend does its best when clean, inside and out! In the long term, neglect may cause serious problems to your helmet. Thus avoid the bad habits mentioned below:

Leaving your helmet chained with a chain lock passing through the antitheft ring near the front/rear wheel

It’s easy to understand why such behaviour is profoundly wrong, but despite this helmets are often left laying on the ground, touching it from the side of the shell or with the lining. In addition to causing scratches and abrasions to the material, this breaks the most basic hygiene rules!

Putting the helmet down on the shell side

Even though this looks like standard practice, it can be dangerous! The helmet is actually quite unstable in this position and it may roll and hit the floor or fall from the motorcycle if put on the seat. Furthermore, resting it carelessly on a hard surface on shell side may damage an air vent, without mentioning possible scratches!

If you wish to change the outer appearance of your helmet, avoid colouring it with sprays or paints that may alter the shell, or applying objects that require the helmet to be pierced for them to be mounted. Untested paints actually risk changing the structure of the standard helmet paint, thus altering the safety and causing the product warranty to be invalidated.

Moreover, outer elements with industrial-type adhesive surfaces require a great deal of attention when removed from the shell at a later stage, as they could ruin the painting. On top of that, if problems arise, the right to the warranty ceases.

Obviously, exposing the helmet to temperatures above 50°, for example linked to direct heat sources, may ruin it. So steer clear of mufflers, stoves, burners, fireplaces, etc.

If you haven’t checked your helmet in a while, take a few minutes to do so. After all, it protects the most important part of your body!