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Can I still use It after an accident?

It is now time to face a delicate and rather controversial subject that is nevertheless extremely important for your safety. In any motorcyclist’s career, whether we’re talking about a MotoGP champion or a teenager dealing with their first motorcycle, sooner or later you need to allow for a fall!

So…what should you do if your helmet gets banged? The golden rule is to have it checked by qualified personnel. Specialised dealers can give you their valuable opinion and, should they deem it necessary to examine it further, will send it directly to the manufacturer. Should this extra step highlight structural damage in addition to aesthetical ones, the helmet will need to be replaced.

Bear in mind that the energy produced by the collision is absorbed through the complete or partial breakage of the outer and inner shell. The problem is that this type of damage is not visible to the naked eye because of how the product was constructed.