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Technological development is an unstoppable force, as well as the ambition that spurred Airoh to introduce systems even more performing, like the new AMS² Plus system which has safety and comfort parameters at the highest level.

For the first time a new material has been introduced, it is the heart of the system, it is able to dissipate kinetic energy in case of impact.

State-of-the-art plastic material, engineered to create the best defense against the forces involving the head, in case of impact. The material, in contact with the head, has memory form guaranteeing a superlative fit and improving comfort.

The system, composed by two overlapping shells, with differentiated densities, has a further upgrade with the renewed design of silicone polymers, which ensures relative motion between two hemispheres.

This improvement makes the response to stresses even more effective in case of angular impact, and the resulting capacity of the AMS² Plus system to dissipate the quantity of energy transmitted to the rider’s head.