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8 February 2022

Sam Sunderland in the Airoh factory to celebrate his incredible victory

Sunderland Airoh Festeggiare Dakar

On Tuesday the 8th of February, Airoh has opened its doors for an unique event rich in surprises and great guests.

The company has hosted some journalists of important national newspapers, all of them ready to ask some questions to a very special member of the #AirohFamily, the 2022 Dakar Champion, the English rider Sam Sunderland.

During the morning the company’s showroom has hosted the press conference in which the rider talked about his carrier and his experience in the world most famous rally, won both in 2017 and 2022.

Then a very special company’s tour started from the production Dept., where Sam received a great gift, a golden customized celebrative helmet dedicated to his incredible victory. To make this product even more significant and indelible, wearing the Airoh’s apron, Sam accepted the challenge and he decided to assembly it personally, under the watchful eye of Antonio Locatelli and the Airoh staff, despite some initial difficulties the rider did a great job.

Sam Sunderland is always ready to face new challenges so, in addition to the assembly skill test, he decided to defy the wind, inside the Airoh Wind Tunnel he reached incredible speeds; 150km/h the first time and 160km/h the second one.

Then the company’s tour ended with a gran final, discovering what is hidden in the helmet tests laboratory.

To make this day even more memorable the “show” officially started. The rider, after wearing the official uniform, saddle up on his loyal GASGAS. He started with a burnout just outside the production Dept., after he repeatedly reared up in front of the Warehouse, also with a guest on the saddle, just behind him there was the Airoh boss Antonio Locatelli.

Antonio decided also to teach to the rider, nothing regarding the motors world, Sam Sunderland learned to “sciabolare”. The rider was a great student, he completed this challenge twice, ending successfully every tests of the day. So we can cheers to celebrate this incredible day.

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