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15 September 2021


Cairoli Antonio Blog04

Dear Tony,

I’ve watched you grow, immediately I saw in you something special, you were an ambitious boy, full of dreams and without fear of getting your hands dirty; from the track in front of the house you started to succeed, conquering a place of honor among the greatest riders of all times, becoming a real legend.

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to see you from the front row, to have protected and supported you while you were writing the history of motorcycling, to have had the chance to grow up with you.

You won 9 world titles, six of which you scored consecutively, I was on your side, or rather on your head. You celebrated some incredible victories but you also had to deal with extremely difficult moments but you never gave up, I was always very proud of you, of your strength, passion and determination. You taught me, but you also taught a lot of passionate and not , that you always have to get back in the saddle, despite everything, you need to grit your teeth and pursue your goal, you taught us that a life-long dream will never come true without sweating and fighting, you taught us to be ambitious and expect so much from ourselves.

It’s not just your titles that make you the champion you really are, your tenacity is greater than any recognition, it’s not for everyone to win two world championships in the two years in which their parents died, it is not for everyone to overcome, with mastery, some serious injuries returning to the track more and more strong, it is not for everyone to have a heart like yours. What makes you so special is not your palmares, but the passion that runs through your veins.

In this moment, It’s like a chapter has closed, one of the amazing ones that page after page make you stay breathless; but I’m also curious to see what happens next and whatever happens, you can always count on your #AirohFamily.

I know very well how difficult it was for you to deliver your retirement speech and I am close to you, once again, wishing you all the best. I really wish you realize all the dreams you still have in your drawer, because you deserve it!

You were one of the best bets I’ve ever made!

Antonio Locatelli, il tuo fan n. #1